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Browse offers you an option to look for relevant jobs based on the jobs category. Once, you have selected the desired category of jobs, you can further enhance the search by adding criteria such as keyword, locations, and experience.

Both Search and browse give you an alternative to search relevant jobs based on the exact requirements. However, while search lets you find jobs across diverse categories, with the browse option, the job search is category specific. Also, the number of selections that you can use to find jobs with search is wider than what you get with browse.

Searching for a relevant job is an easy task. You just have to enter the requirement you have and based on it, the result will show up. It includes your total experience, and locations to find the required results.

Browsing a job is quite simple and for selecting it, you just have to click on the 'Browse by category’ option on the homepage to go for.

Yes, you can apply even if you have not registered with us. But, it is recommended that you apply for the vacancies after registering as it will give you great options and choices available.

If a positive job application, you will be informed of the same via a confirmation mail sent to you.

Once you have effectively applied for a particular job vacancy, any future communication towards the same lies solely at the discretion of the company.

For deleting the Fresher Job Solutions account, go to accounts settings page.

It solely depends on the visibility of your account. Choose the visibility option and get going.

  • With a limited visibility, the users and others may view your account info, including the contact info.
  • If the status is Visible, the users and others may view the account info including the contact info.
  • In case of the private status, you will not be visible from any network list as well- job search results, company profiles.) If you have a current network, you will no longer appear as a connection to the existing connections.

Employers can contact you by sending you a letter by e-mail via Fresher Job Solutions or by using the contact info you have provided on the resume to contact you.

We use the account to assist you to create your resume, build a professional network, match you to job opportunities or professional connection, offer personalized career advice, and solve the targeted advertising. The account info lets you see suggested jobs based on the interests and compare the career progress with others in the profession.